Your Child and AIN

Why Choose AIN?

All educators are qualified in the field of early education and works to develop an age appropriate curriculum based on the children’s interests.

Registered and highly accredited by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Have aesthetic and creative indoor and outdoor environments that are challenging, dynamic, age appropriate and safe.

Educators who continuously train for professional development as per standards of Ministry of Social Affairs and Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

The ability to articulate the essentials of developmentally appropriate practices to others and becoming role models for other teachers in the future.

Teaches children classic Arabic and basic Islamic studies.

Developmental records and portfolios are kept for each individual child. This allows staff to plan for the children’s weekly programs and keep the child’s developmental records up to date.

Has a full time Ministry of Health Registered Nurse on full time duty with a visiting Nursery Doctor who comes once a week to check on children’s health.

A high level of “essential” expertise and skills combined with “sensitivity” to meaningful outcomes and the capacity to use “varying levels of flexibilities in our approach to a new situation”.

Ethical performance that is of the highest level.

Educators are trained to clean and wash equipment in accordance to National Quality Framework. No contractual cleaning services. All cleaning is done with steam if not, products used are considered safe to nursery children.

Has trained staff to care for special needs children and are in constant contact with the child’s therapist to help aid the quality of care.

Have structured policies and procedures that comply from the standards of UAE and Australia. Policies reflect best practice as well as mandatory requirements and ensure staff is providing the highest standards of care, health and safety for children.

Professional organization. Advocates respect to children, families and the curriculum.

All staff has an updated American Heart Association Basic Life Support Course or first aid training.

High quality facilities where infants, toddlers, and children up to preparatory years are given the opportunity to learn through the unique methodologies of the power of play and the nurturing loving environment that is essential in helping children gain the concepts of life skills that will impact on their future.

Opening hours from 6am to 5pm with different packages to choose from depending on your families’ needs.

Accepts children from 2 months to 4 years and have designated classrooms for different age groups.

Our Classrooms

Cuddly Koalas – (Infant’s room)

Ages Infants 2 months to approximately 14 MONTHS.

  • Ages approximately based on slot availability and child’s development.
  • Ratio of workers to child 1:4
  • Head Teacher
  • Two Assistants
  • Extra Assistant is always available.

Wobbly Wombats – (Toddler’s room)

Ages approximately 15 MONTHS TO 2 YEARS.  

  • Ages approximately based on slot availability and child’s development.
  • Ratio of workers to child: 1:5
  • One Head Teacher
  • Two Assistants
  • Extra Assistant is always available

Little Dingoes – (Junior Nursery room)

Ages approximately 2 years to 2.5 years

  • Ages approximately based on slot availability and child’s development.
  • Ratio of worker to child: 1:6
  • One Head Teacher
  • Two Assistants.
  • Extra Assistant available if required.

Laughing Lizards, Jolly Joeys and Playful Platypus – (Senior Nursery room)

Ages approximately 2.5 years to 4 years

Class 1 age is 2.5 to 2.8

Class 2 ages is 2.9 to 3

Class 3 ages is 3 to 4 years

  • Ratio of worker to child: 1:8
  • One Head Teacher
  • Two Assistants
  • Extra Assistant available if required

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