Welcome Note

The Australian International Nursery (AIN) is a unique child care setting that focuses on all children’s developmental needs and wellbeing.

AIN bases all learning on the Early Years Learning Framework from Australia (EYLF). EYLF is the foundation used to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years through the transition to school.

Our specific emphases are on play-based learning activities and to encourage children to independently investigate the world around them while responding to diversity with respect. Therefore our educators strive to provide a stimulating and safe environment where a child’s physical, intellectual, cultural, social, personal, and emotional needs are met. Sustainability and environmental awareness is an integral part of our learning, where children are taught to become socially responsible and show respect for their surroundings. AIN recognises the importance of bilingualism through communication and language both in English and Classic Arabic (including early literacy and numeracy).

For the past 10 years AIN has gained an outstanding reputation in this industry. This has only been possible due to our Highly Qualified Early Childhood Educators who continue to gain Professional Development using the standards of UAE and Australia as well as the partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators.

We believe that the most important things that happen to children during the early years are not easily measured and cannot be sent home on paper, but they do go home as memories in the hearts and minds of the children.


As we are now open after being closed for seven months,  AIN wants to make sure that we continue to work together.  While we know these are uncertain times and the world has never experienced this before, the Educators of AIN and the Administration (COVID-19 Task Force) at AIN are committed to providing the highest quality Early Years Learning Framework from Australia, following the UAE, Sharjah Private Education Authorities (SPEA) and Australian guidelines.

The focus for us has always been on health, safety, and operational measures.  This will continue as always however we will also implement SPEA’s new guidelines to reopen safely, please note that every effort will continue to be made to uphold the welcoming and caring environment that AIN has always provided for its children, our families, and the Sharjah community.  While many things will seem different with new protocols, guidelines, policies, and procedures for the safety of all, this will still be the same environment that fosters inquiry and experiential learning.

Our goal is to draw out and inspire the best in our children as we provide them with opportunities to create, explore, and learn. All Changes implemented will layout the changes as we enter the next phase from this COVID-19 pandemic, or as many are calling it “The New Norm”.

This situation is unprecedented and is continuously evolving, so all changes included in this handbook will remain as “ The New Normal” until further notice. We will ensure that all changes are realistic and feasible for our staff and children by following all SPEA and the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Please feel free to contact any member of the administration task force Ms. Roxy, (roxy.tomkinson@ais.ae) Nurse Roxannee (roxannee.trajano@ainursery.ae), Ms. Alex (alex.goward@ainursery.ae), Ms. Assmaa (assmaa.hamdy@ainursery.ae) and Ms. Reem (reem.ali@ainursery.ae), with any questions (Arabic or English) about the policies and procedures which have been put in place to ensure that AIN continues to be the safe and enjoyable place.


Warm Regards

Ms Roxy (Roxana Tomkinson) M.Ed.

Manager of AIN

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