Roxannee Cayena Trajano


As a nurse I do believe that health and education is equally vital in nurturing children. Like teaching, achieving lifelong health should be our priority in a child’s early years. Learning becomes conducive when a child is at their optimum health.

My aim is to support the teaching staff at AIN to create a fun learning environment which imprints eagerness for a child to come to nursery and embrace all that Early Childhood Education can give. My main duty of care will be for the children of AIN and it would entail also proper health education and recommendation to parents.

With this concept in mind and as a nurse who work in the education field I also strive to guide your child to change in the way they view nurses, doctors and other health care professionals. I do this by ensuring that trust and rapport to each child is achieved and by incorporating play to treatment and checkups for the child to see the fun side of health care.

A child not only needs love they also need to trust us as carers especially when they are not feeling their best. I also believe that caring for children involves your most sincere self. As simple as it seems but a child has the strongest sense and idea of being genuine and honesty has been one of the greatest tools for them.

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